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Mark Higgs, Re:link COO, talks more about Re:link, why we've developed the platform and launched it now, and why it's different from others in the market, in this short video.

Reflections from a fast-paced first quarter

We are celebrating the first quarter of activity for Re:link, Linklaters' new contract lawyer platform that launched in the UK earlier this year. Reflecting on the last 3+ months leading this impressive team, Mark Higgs (Re:link COO) here shares some new perspectives on an unusual market and why Re:link is so well-placed to succeed.

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Re:link launch press coverage

Read our press release about the launch of Re:link, available on The Lawyer's website. The article includes comments from Linklaters Managing partner, Gideon Moore, as well as Re:link CEO, Mark Higgs, discussing the scope of Re:link and their ambitions for the future of the new platform.

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Watch our Re:link introduction video