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Mark Higgs, Re:link COO, talks more about Re:link, why we've developed the platform and launched it now, and why it's different from others in the market, in this short video.

Smarter working for lawyers

While our Re:link lawyers all share outstanding legal expertise, their backgrounds, motivations and interests vary and some pursue rewarding careers in parallel with the legal sector. We spoke to two of them about their lives outside of the law, and to a Linklaters alumnus who has recently returned to Linklaters to help run the Re:link team.

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Reflections from a fast-paced first quarter

We are celebrating the first quarter of activity for Re:link, Linklaters' new contract lawyer platform that launched in the UK earlier this year. Reflecting on the last 3+ months leading this impressive team, Mark Higgs (Re:link COO) here shares some new perspectives on an unusual market and why Re:link is so well-placed to succeed.

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Re:link launch press coverage

Read our press release about the launch of Re:link, available on The Lawyer's website. The article includes comments from Linklaters Managing partner, Gideon Moore, as well as Re:link CEO, Mark Higgs, discussing the scope of Re:link and their ambitions for the future of the new platform.

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