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The Re:link recruitment process

1. Apply to be a Re:link lawyer

It could not be easier to apply: submit your CV and provide some initial information about yourself via our online application form (see Apply to Re:link) to begin the process.

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2. Meet the Re:link team

We will review your application as soon as we receive it and will contact you to arrange a discussion with a member of the Re:link team.

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3. Linklaters practice interview

Following a positive discussion with the Re:link team we will arrange an interview with the most relevant Linklaters practice team.

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4. Reference checks

As part of the recruitment process you will be asked to provide references. Following a successful interview with the Linklaters practice team, we will contact each referee via email/phone. You will also be asked to provide information to support other relevant background checks.

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5. Join Re:link

Success! After successful interviews and positive references, you will be invited to join the Re:link platform and enjoy the benefits of this thriving community.

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6. Continuous support

Once you have joined the Re:link lawyer community we ensure that you have regular contact with the Re:link team so you receive the support you require and access to all the opportunities that best match your expertise.

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