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Early careers at Re:link

Re:link offers you the opportunity to restore the balance between work and other commitments at an early stage in your legal career. We want to empower you to think about how you can combine your professional and personal lives to the full. You can do this at Re:link, whilst building your legal profile with the world’s top clients and Linklaters’ resources at your fingertips. Clients are increasingly active in seeking lawyers at earlier stages of their careers, and legal consultancy offers dynamic and flexible way to accommodate this.

Working patterns can evolve throughout your career as your career ambitions change or as passions and interests outside of work develop. We are committed to supporting people at different stages of their lives, whether that be to pursue a second career, allocate more family and personal interest time, or simply to take time outside of usual work patterns to learn a new skill or start an enterprising project. Re:link can facilitate this at the same time as providing interesting work with Linklaters’ clients.

The Re:link team works flexibly to ensure we work in ways that fit both our lawyers’ and clients’ approach and preferences. We also trust our Re:link lawyers to work in a way that’s best for our clients. Clients are fully satisfied as we ensure that we are still providing a consistent service level, providing ‘win-win’ outcomes for both our clients and consultants.

Since 2020, the possibilities for agile working have become increasingly mainstream. We can offer the opportunity for outstanding and high-quality work, coupled with the ability to deliver service to leading Linklaters’ clients in a fully supported remote working environment. Of course, there is no “one size fits all” with flexible working and we are open to discussing the arrangement that best suits you.

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